Staff & Recruitment Service

Have you ever thought with so many techniques and technologies available alone, what are their functions? Nothing! There needs to be someone to operate them to enjoy their features and benefits, right? So, manpower is the biggest asset of any organization, regardless of the size and industry kind.

Making manpower sounds simple yet the task is not so simple. You need to hire the real talents and professional candidate who can take up the responsibility and ready to face challenges. Don’t get confused as IDS has full support in staffing and recruitment process.

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Our unique staff recruitment strategy includes:

  • HR Planning

  • Recruiting

  • Selection

  • Employment & Retention

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IDS flexible recruitment strategy

Having some exclusive in-house talents is the savage way for leveraging niche in the market. It brings in competition attracting exceptional talents who want high pay with flexible operational hours. Employers are in absolute necessary for staffing solutions for managing both in-house and remote employees successfully.

Our Standards

Apart from raw talent, you need keen learners and highly professionals who put their best effort in achieving goals. Our recruitment staff members have HR experience in maintaining the consistent quality to hire in house and remote employees to strengthen your existing team. Also we understand the present health situation in mind focusing in building remote yet integrated workforce.

With the help of extensive screening and interviewing, we assist the employers to recruit and have exceptional talented guys on board and to work remotely.

Our team always keeps an eye on both commercial and government payers regularly. We have many years of experience in dealing with these services. In fact they come with fast payment niche as well to get on-boarding the employees. 

Rather than the interview, we believe in having good conversations which can make the candidates look confident in what they speak and do. Also they can speak about themselves. As per your requirements we conduct in-depth interviews for identifying the talents who can play the job role perfectly.

Before final selection, we arrange meetings on various online platforms like Google Meet, Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams to engage in conversation with the candidates to select. 

Good work and result comes from combined effort. You can achieve this when have a good working team to work for you. Besides providing support to procedures and screening, we would love to collaborate for efficient onboarding process to boost the productivity from the very first day. 

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Customized staffing solutions

We can deliver specialized professionals to solve your high-volume tough issues deeming for agile solutions.

Our HR recruitment team is known for rendering tailor-made support as per your requirement and situation. We are industry-focused understanding the business model well to have some real talents on board from similar fields. With the deployment of correct staffing model, we are able to meet your goal of developing perfect team. We have faced challenges several times and provide support in-house or remote for managing the contingent program. Our HR recruitment team is always there with the best approach to develop and maintain the consistent workforce maximizing productivity and business value.