Software Development Service

In this hi-tech world when everything seems in rush why lag behind with your task? You know what we mean. You need technological power to cope up with this era, especially time! And only a software can fill such a gap. Thinking much late! Don’t worry; we are here to assist you in every possible way!

IDS is the popular name in the IT industry when companies and individuals need software to run their business seamlessly. Keeping that in mind, we employ highly qualified, trained and professional software developers and engineers to push the limits to develop tailor-made software as per your requirements.

Customized Development

We carry out the following projects for software development outsourcing:

Our myriad of software development services consist of:

Implementation & Deployment

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By collaborating with our company for your next software project, you can reap the following benefits:

  • High speed

    We have highly trained, qualified and professional team of software engineers to manpower your project and give it to life within mentioned timeframe.

  • Affordability

    Software development in India is relatively inexpensive than that of any other parts of the world.

  • Expertise

    With the experienced engineers you can rest assure that your project is in safe hands.

Our Software Development Outsourcing Process

Software Requirement Analysis (Quote & Effort)

1. Our investigation team will check the necessary elements for software automation.
2. Then we submit a contract to our clients stating costs, deadlines, quotes and of course our ideas of work.

Starting from scratch

1. We prefer starting from scratch collecting the basic system elements to make your dream of software a reality.
2. Our project manager speaks to the clients to understand the necessity and kind of business they operate.
3. Accordingly, works will allot to the team members to input their effort and ideas to bring the software into life.
4. We prioritize the appearance a lot making the interface user-friendly, appealing and as professional as can be.

System Analysis and Mock-Up Model Design

1. We define every nuance along overall structure of the software to our clients. So we develop a mock-up model at the very beginning.
2. Consistent design and analysis is pivotal for us. Any glitch later proves to be very expensive both for us and our clients.

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System Integration

Software Development with Code Generation

1. We prefer intuitive design so it easily translates into machine-readable form. Code generation also takes place simultaneously.
2. Our high-end developers use programming tools such as debuggers, interpreters and compilers for code generation.
3. Then coding takes place by using top-notch high level programming languages including Python, .Net, Java, Pascal, C++ and C. As per the software kind, our developers make use of correct programming language.


1. After generation of code, testing process starts for the software. To conduct this step seamlessly we already have various methodologies and testing tools.
2. We create customized in-house testing tools to use in numerous development operations.


Once everything seems perfect we deliver the software to our clients maintaining the strict deadline. We don’t compromise quality with time and accept necessary inputs and changes over time as per our clients’ requirements