Healthcare-oriented Services

Healthcare outsourcing is all about providing healthcare-oriented services like maintenance of health e-records, insurance business and like services.

At a rate of 21% per year Global Healthcare BPO market continues to expand. So numerous firms come up offering healthcare services to Indian citizens has become an ongoing trend.

Since 4 years now we have been in this industry offering healthcare-related services with 24 hours TAT. Our highly experienced team maintains 99.995% accuracy in prospect to record and services.

We store data with the help of healthcare forms of UB92, UB04, EoB’s and HCFA Form 1500. The blend of IT infrastructure and trained data analysts and operators manage the forms correctly. We have vast experience to expedite and automate the cycle so that the clients can access to the necessary information easily

  • Overview

We make the entire process simple and intuitive for you. Just we need a scanned picture of yours to integrate in automated data capturing. We at IDS, makes use of printed method and computed forms for store the data maintaining consistent accuracy and quality. Then we upload it as per the requirement of the clients.

  • The unique combination of trained data capture operators and IT infrastructure helps us to handle the healthcare claim forms consistently. Our vast experience in expediting and automating the processing cycle indicates that our clients have easy access to the information.

  • We are quality-driven company aiming to render best quality to our clients. Being value-based organization we reach beyond our clients’ expectations to make it perfect from the very first time.

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