The combined power of educational practices and advanced technology ensures an exceptional teaching and learning experience. Within 2028, the education tech market is expected to reach USD 380 billion. Modern trends like mobile learning, virtual classrooms, content management systems, e-learning and online courses will engulf the traditional learning markets. An exponential growth is evident during COVID pandemic all over the country as well as world.

Our Softwares

Academic & School Software

IDS brings academic software which enables the educators in managing learning procedure and assess the performance. Most leading educational institutes already step towards e-learning experience. Oxford Brookes University already has 200 kinds of academic software. The University of Cambridge even launches various kinds of software to provide a comprehensive learning opportunity and support to its students.

Business Training Software

Most leading companies start using it for managing training and education of the trainees. It enhances growth and boosts professional competence of the employees. Also business training software provides the owner the tool for controlling and evaluating the efficiency of training. Famous conglomerates like Schneider Electric and Amazon already makes use of business training software for controlling the growth strategy.

Self-Education Software

At IDS, our team of software developers is at the bay of developing new hybrid education form combing both online and offline methods and tools. Self-education tools help the students to assess their respective learning processes. On another flip, the teachers have the opportunity to offer them various e-learning modes. Self-learning opens up numerous learning chances from resource management system to language learning applications.

Online School Database Management System

Our online database template is useful for Educational Organizations, language courses and schools. We offer centralized searching environment to share, organize and store information on Fees and Payment Transactions, Grade Levels and Students. Rather than adopting it for the business processes and tools you can adapt it to the tools for daily use. IDS renders flexibility without any complexity level.

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