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Hospital Data Management System

We at IDS proffer Hospital Data Management System (HDMS) that assist in regulating the information associated to health care. We aid in finishing the task of the health care providers on time and efficiently. With our help, you can regulate the data regarding to every department of healthcare like;

HDMS is useful in solving the complexities regarding paperwork and management of each patient in hospitals and clinics. We ensure proper compilation of the paperwork making it easily manageable with less manpower for analysis and arrangement.

Some outstanding perks of HDMS are here in the following:

The functions of HDMS are:

HDMS of IDS saves you time and offer a cost-efficient solution in management of data and paperwork. By implementing HDMS, you will reduce the human intervention in management system by half. So there is less probability of human-made errors as well.

As each hospital differs in need of management of patients’ data you can opt for our ideal HDMS system accordingly.

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Scanning Services

IDS has professional document scanning system to access the right information digitally each time. Our hard-working team comes up with brainstorming ideas and exceptional expertise to scan the document in electronic mode securely. Our document scanning service comprises of photo scanning, book scanning, large format scanning, miscrofilm scanning and paper scanning.

Government sectors, corporations, small startups and large enterprises incline to IDS for top-notch conversion and data management and scanning services. We carefully convert photos, archives, microfilm, drawings and paper records into electronic mode. So, you can keep the office space free enabling data security and easy and convenient accessibility to the information whenever you want.

We have comprehensive document scanning services for multiple entities. With about 40 scanners we can digitize every media type ranging from photos to microfilm, books to drawings and others.