The digital revolution makes this era super fast, super reliable and technology-oriented. As a result, it is evident that 21st century becomes the period of digital socialization. It just not limits to learning only, the researching and sharing characteristics have become common too. You can collect important pieces of information from multiple sources to process and utilize as per the requirements. 

IDS is the renowned IT company offering a comprehensive range of digitization services for our clients in the country and abroad.

Content Aggregation Services

Valuable and reliable sources

Being named it World Wide Web, internet compacts the whole world in a second at your fingertips. Each one of the people has the access to share the information and opinions on internet. But there is no authenticate guarantee of the information and its source. Our researchers conduct vigorous checking for ensuring the source’s validity and reliability.

Combined information

At last, our team summarizes the data in combined form to deliver factual information point. As we collect information from various sources like social media feeds, websites, news, blogs and others, with content aggregation services offers a concise overview of the topic which is new to the clients and to the entire world.

Smart internet browsing

Browsing through trillions of searches on the internet is not enough. Smart internet browsing is all about aggregation of the final information by saving time and validating the credibility. The information is useful if it derives from valid source.

Database management system

IDS fully incorporates in creation of both online and offline database management system to update the data offline and update websites and their information. Alongside, aggregating and assessing the present online information we streamline hard copies like formats, sheets, files and papers. As per our client’s requirements we combine electronic sources like CD ROMs, PDFs, Word Files and Applications.

Focused search and streamlining

It as per the need: Apart from experienced researchers IDS has full-fledged software technology to assist the focused internet search. IT-oriented solutions will save time while streamlining the web searches efficiently to gather the information for final accumulation.

Data processing and management

At IDS, we have a myriad of professional document management services through which you can manage, distribute, access and store business-critical information. We offer data management services for electronic to digital media.  Our system is easy to integrate into the existing operating system to enhance the functional ability of your present business applications.

With our system, you can deliver, retrieve, locate and access the digital documents. You can share them securely with the vendors and customers with enhanced efficiency, productivity and customer service.

Apart from flexible and efficient content management system it ensures tracking process and information security for compliance to the regulatory requirements.

We offer IMR, Image Keying services, OCR clean up, Forms Processing, data Conversion and Data Entry. Our services are perfect for compiled data entry applications like Plant Title Extraction, e-books publishing, architectural drawings, medical claims, airway bills and others.

On-Time Delivery with Data Assurance

Besides, offline and online database management, we at IDS has expert hands to maintain and refresh the promotional lists. It comprises of parliamentary debates, news announcements and various legislation analysis and relation information.

With the help of vigilant project management we keep giving regular updates to the clients. We use the technology which finds the targeted websites examining the present data to make the online database for our clients. With IDS, you can rest assure to obtain full enhanced data security, information reliability and that too by saving a lot of money with high-quality content aggregation services.

Document Hosting and Archiving

Our Digital Record Centre offers remote, in-house and mobile workers 24/7 access to the business data. You can do so from any device with the help of web browser. It eradicates the essentiality of specific client software. Both access and storage is offered for several document ranges comprising of pictures, electronic business documents, report data, scanned images and others.

You can email, save, print and view the retrieved document with the help of suitable authorization. IDS facilitates Text Data Base or Image Hosting conjunction with authorized retrieval to desktop to its clients.

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Quality Process

During data importing to the software, you will receive an index file alongside images just to maintain correspondent name. It is important for correspondent database at the time of data entry procedure.

Our expertise comprises of

Offline and online database management

Maintenance and updation of Promotion Listing Information

Analyzing current and upcoming events for the websites

Content mining on current affairs and news

Content summarizing according to specification of the clients

Our Internet Research expertise consists