Engagement Models

Depending on the project's nature, difficulties, and deadlines, our customers can select one of the engagement models listed below or a combination of them as the project progresses. At Itvia Data Solutions Engagement Models gives clients the option of selecting the best model for their needs, which aids in risk assessment and smooth process flow.

MODEL 1: Fixed Pricing Model

This paradigm is best suited when the project's requirements, scope, and specifications are clear and explicit. Though this is a low-risk choice, it necessitates extensive research during the design process as well as rigorous assessments. Our effective project and team management guarantees that projects are completed on schedule while keeping the needed budget and requirements in mind.

We provide pricing based on the project, taking into account all choices and ensuring our clients of the finest output from the allocated resources.

MODEL 2: Effort Based Pricing Model

The cost in this model is fixed based on the overall amount of time and resources necessary for project execution and delivery. This methodology not only increases flexibility during the process, but it also ensures that the ultimate result is excellent.

The approach is suitable for complicated projects involving several third-party teams, as well as when project designs and requirements are likely to change during the development process.

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